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Immerse yourself in the history of Sant Joan de les Abadesses!

A town with more than 1,100 years of history that exudes a noble past!

Sant Joan de les Abadesses is a municipality within the Baix Ripollès region. In terms of tourism, it lags behind Vall de Ribes and Camprodon, whose tourism trajectory began in the late 19th century. However, in recent years the town has slowly but steadily strenghtened its services sector, and tourism in particular, and is now a popular destination for both Catalans and other visitors who come to enjoy its cultural, architectural and landscape heritage.

Stroll through its history and heritage!

Discover Sant Joan de les Abadesses by taking a walk through its streets. This town offers a wealth of history in its monuments, so check them out!

– The Old Town
– Monastery
– Palau de l’Abadia
– Maragall House
– Sant Pol Church
– The Old Bridge
– Plaza Mayor
– Molí Petit Ecomuseum

… and lots more

Connect with nature and relax!

Sant Joan de les Abadesses is surrounded by nature, and the different hiking and cycling routes allow you to enjoy it to the full. Come and immerse yourself in nature!

– Hiking trails
– Cycling routes
– Literary routes

Let’s party!

In Sant Joan we like our parties big, we feel that they’re an innate part of who we are. Come and enjoy them with us. Let yourself go, sing, dance, listen…just have fun!

– Festa del Grito
– Count Arnau Festival
– Clownia Festival

Discover the region…

If you like exploring or just checking out activities you can do on your own, then La Batllia would be an excellent base for you. The Ripollès region has a wide range of tourist activities for everyone, to suit all tastes. The possibilities are endless!